Strathaird Parents & Friends

The Strathaird Parents & Friends is a sub-committee of the School Council and provides an opportunity for family members and friends of present Strathaird Students to form a relationship with the school and to contribute to the school community.
Strathaird Parents & Friends activities aim to enhance community involvement and may also be a fundraiser for Strathaird Primary School.
Some of Strathaird Parents & Friends goals include;
• To promote friendship and support within the Strathaird community through social activities
• Help raise funds to support school programs
• Liaise with the School Council and identify areas in need of funding not provided for with the budgetary limits of the school
• Support the teaching staff in pursuit of improved educational resources, facilities and school environment.
Some regular activities that Strathaird Parents & Friends organise are Mother’s Day stall, Father’s Day stall, Christmas Concert, School disco, Trivia night, School fete, Fun run, Chocolate drive, second hand uniform stalls and Shopping tours!
Strathaird Parents & Friends are always happy to see new faces at their monthly meetings! If you are not able to commit to meetings there are loads of opportunities for parents to volunteer their time to help out at events and come along to make new friends, support the school and of course be involved in your children’s education experience!