School Values

At Strathaird Primary school one of our core values revolve around RESPECT.

Respect for Self

This means that I take care of my physical and emotional well-being and take pride in my achievements. It is underpinned by values including honesty, courage, discipline and determination.
I show respect for myself when I…

Take care of my hygiene and physical appearance

Try my best

Am honest and seek help when I need to

Think about myself in a positive manner

Honour my commitments

Respect for Others

This means that I recognise the value of what other people bring to the world in which we live. It is underpinned by values including consideration, trust, tolerance and encouragement.
I show respect for others when I…

I Am tolerant of different views

Listen to others with empathy and understanding

Encourage others, with behaviour as well as words

Am considerate of others’ space and belongings

Am polite

Respect for my Environment

This means sharing responsibility for my physical surrounds. It is underpinned by values including co-operation, teamwork, belonging and commitment.
I show respect for my environment when I…

Use facilities and equipment responsibly,

Maintain safety,

Keep my work area clean and tidy,

Ensure my surroundings are fit for others to use, and

Understand the impact of my actions on the environment.

DEECD Statement of Values

Our school also works within a set of broad values within the Department of Education, that are based on “Promoting, Healthy, Safe and Respectful School Communities”. This statement is available below.