Vision Statement and Mission

To provide a safe, caring and engaging environment where students strive for personal achievement, are encouraged to take risks and develop skills and values to enable them to become lifelong learners in a changing society.

Our Values

We value Wisdom, Respect, Self Esteem and Happiness.

Wisdom – Growth through the acquisition of knowledge skills and experiences. It encompasses the qualities of independence, responsibility and goal setting.

Respect – The valuing of people’s worth and qualities and treating everyone in the school community in a polite and friendly manner. It encompasses the qualities of friendship, cooperation, courtesy, honesty, trustworthiness, compassion and consideration.

Self Esteem – A feeling of self worth and confidence. It encompasses the qualities of confidence, achievement, enthusiasm, patience, and positive attitude.

Happiness – Appreciation of life and ability to see the positives in most situations. It encompasses the qualities of fairness, forgiveness, safety, and kindness.

Our school motto is: Success, Pride, Self Esteem, chosen by school council as fitting attributes that reflect our underlying values.

How We Enact Our Vision Statement and Mission

School Council provide Governance and direction through School Policies, the school’s Strategic Plan and the implementation of that plan through the Annual Implementation Plans.

The philosophy of our curriculum delivery is based on our vision statement and mission.

We promote our values across the school and include specific presentations on values through whole school assemblies and Strathaird TV.

Extra curricula activities during lunch times include: library time, gardening, music/choir, Years 2 sports fun, chess for grades 3 and 4, are all aimed at developing this philosophy.

Camps also provide students with access to our strong philosophical message which we strive to embed into our everyday school practice.