At Strathaird Primary School we have a strong focus on Literacy and have adopted a whole-school instructional model. This is reflected in all areas of our Literacy Program.

This program sees literacy skill development as fundamental to learning in all other areas and follows The Victorian Curriculum standards.

At Strathaird Primary School, all year levels are involved in explicit teaching of Literacy. Our school adopts a 2 hour literacy block each morning which incorporates Reading, Writing, Spelling/Word Study and Speaking and Listening.

At our school from Prep to Year 6, all students read each morning to settle into the school day, but to also practise their reading skills to a parent/guardian, teacher or independently to themselves.

Explicit reading is our approach in effectively teaching reading. This involves:

  • Whole Class Focus/Tuning In
  • Explicit Instruction – Small Group Differentiated Reading and Small Group Teaching Focuses of elements of reading
  • Whole Class Focus Sharing/Reflection of Learning

As part of the 2 hour literacy block, teaching writing is a major component and also follows our instructional model.

  1. Whole Class Tuning In
  2. Explicit Instruction and Purposeful Learning Activities
  3. Whole Class Reflection of Learning

Through the school years, students learn the conventions of written language and specific elements of writing all the way through to different writing of text types.

The teaching of writing in Prep to Year 2 follows an experience-based approach of students being involved in an event/activity and then writing about it. This develops their writing by using a real-life experience. Spelling, grammar and punctuation is taught alongside the writing program.

The teaching of writing in Year 3 to Year 6 follows and range of different writing text types such as narrative, persuasive, procedure, information reports, poetry and recounts. These are taught using a 5 week unit of immersion, explicit learning of the text type through planning, drafting, editing, revising and publishing a piece of work. Then a final ‘free choice’ writing option of composing and then publishing their work, to further their learnt skills. Spelling, grammar and punctuation is taught alongside the writing of these text types.

Speaking and Listening is taught within all elements of the Literacy Program and within all levels of the school. This develops students’ appropriate speaking and listening skills to encourage them to question and comprehend what is going on around them, not just in literacy sessions but in all areas of the curriculum.