Our school believes it is important that all children have an understanding of important mathematical concepts from a young age and develop mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life and work. Our aim is to deliver an engaging program for all students, which is differentiated to meet individual learner needs.

Our Numeracy program follows the Victorian Curriculum. We aim to engage students with real world learning, so that when they leave Strathaird they are confident maths learners who are ready for their future education. We place an emphasis on the Big Ideas of Number with a focus on Trusting the Count, Place Value, Multiplicative Thinking and Partitioning. This allows students to develop their understanding in number from beginning to more advanced concepts.

We provide hands-on learning opportunities and students participate in challenging and open-ended mathematical problem-solving activities. Students learn by doing.  It may be as simple as using counters to support 1- 1 counting or addition and subtraction. They may also use more sophisticated manipulatives such as tens frames or MAB. Hands-on learning and open-ended activities support students to understand concepts, experiment, learn from their mistakes and take their knowledge and turn it into a more sophisticated understanding. It helps the students see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills, and processes.