School Strategic Plan

School Strategic Plan 2018-2021

In 2018 Strathaird Primary School completed a School Review, which all State Schools in Victoria undergo every four years.

Our Review outcome is something that the whole school community should be VERY proud of.

Some of the findings from the Review were:

  • Based on the range of evidence collected during the School Review, Strathaird Primary School is an excellent school.
  • The school has been very successful in developing and embedding a positive school culture which is valued by all members of the school community.
  • The Review Panel were aware of the positive, caring and respectful environment through observations and through conversations with members of all stakeholder groups.
  • Parents spoke of the quality of communication between the school and its’ families and of the willingness of the school to listen and respond to their concerns.
  • Staff spoke of the highly professional teams, the approachability and clarity of purpose of leadership and the collegiality, harmony and goodwill among staff.
  • Students at all levels of the school articulated high levels of affection and pride towards their peers, their school and their teachers.
  • A strong emphasis in Literacy and Numeracy and high quality programs and initiatives have resulted in consistently strong outcomes and high performance in NAPLAN Reading at 5 and NAPLAN Reading, Writing and Numeracy at Year 3, having consistently exceeded outcomes for schools with similar characteristics.
  • It was clear throughout the Review that warm and respectful relationships and high expectations of all community members, combined with the provision of a well maintained, stimulating facilities, contributed to making the school a high-quality learning environment.

The 2018-2021 Strategic Plan focuses on :

  • Improvement in student learning outcomes with a specific focus on Years 4-6.
  • Improvement in student voice, agency and leadership to enable and empower students to take some responsibility and ownership for their learning.
  • A renewed emphasis on Inquiry based learning for Integrated Curriculum to increase student engagement, particularly in the upper years.

It certainly is a privilege to be Principal of such a wonderful School!!